IDAS HEUIBII Filter for Canon & Nikon/Sony Body-mounted Filter Update

Fraser Gunn in New Zealand shared his recent gorgeous astro photography taken by Canon 6DH and body-mounted HEUIBII filter. I envy he can shoot these targets without the annoying city light(probably).




Great imaging technique, quality night sky and high performance equipment. All factors are combined into one.  As mentioned several times, HEUIBII filter neutralizes a modified DSLR’s background color while fully passing Ha emission. So faint Ha region is well isolated from the background. As result, it makes post-processing relatively easier. Body-mounted filter allows to use wide-angle lenses, which are nice for milky way shots. Fraser, please keep updated on your beautiful pictures.


About Nikon body-mounted filter. We are getting now close to set the schedule to resume the shipment. At this moment, HEUIBII for D5100 is in stock. D1 for D5100 should be soon. Other models will be sometime August. N1(for D40/80/90) is no longer available. We focus on only D5000 series and D7000 series from now on.

Filters for SONY will be available early of August.


Sorry again to all of customers who are waiting for these filters. I will announce here once I can let you know more specific time of shipment.



~ by tedishikawa on July 17, 2017.

One Response to “IDAS HEUIBII Filter for Canon & Nikon/Sony Body-mounted Filter Update”

  1. good things come to those who waits

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