Solar Filters

Attention to users who attempt to shoot the sun through the filters first time.

One of common questions to me these days is to set IDAS 52mm filter into Nikon or Canon telephoto lens filter holders. The filter MUST be always set in front of the objective lenses. Please don’t set a solar filter into filter holder and point to the sun.

Also keep in mind, some of solar filters available in the market are not intended for visual use. Please don’t try to look though even “camera’s optical viewfinder” through such filters. IDAS solar filters dramatically reduces solar energy at IR region to the safer level for human eyes. So it allows to do that. If you are not sure of a certain filter you intend to use, contact manufacturers or astronomical shops. The sun has the huge energy. Don’t under-estimate that. Also always double check a filter is securely set in front of the objective lens before starting solar viewing and imaging. There is nothing too careful for the sun.

Enjoy solar eclipse safely with such extra cautions.

Here is the yesterday’s sun. Taken with Panasonic GX8 and IDAS solar filter.


After testing several times while changing configurations, finally I decided to go with GX8 and 71FL for the eclipse. Adding 1.08x flattener takes to 432mm focal length (equivalent to 864mm in full frame sensor). I hope it will be proper.



~ by tedishikawa on July 13, 2017.

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