BORG Fork Mount & All Sky Image

BORG fork mount is compact and solid. It weights only 700g and 170mm high / 70mm wide. Now it has Arca Swiss compatible clamp. Unlike previous models, it doesn’t require any special dovetail plate. Arca Swiss plates are widely available in the market.


It should be definitely airline traveler – friendly equipment.


The mount handles up to BORG 4″. Other brand of scopes should be 3″ class.

I was looking for good quality of a fish-eye lens. This looks what I was seeking for.


The above was taken without IR blocking filter. So this image includes NIR spectrum. As advertised, this Japanese-made lens seems to be “well NIR corrected”. Looks very sharp and pinpoint stars entire the sky without blocking IR. I will test more seriously without the moon. BTW, we can see a hint of milky way under the moon light condition. I want to shoot with the smaller pixel sensor since a lens looks having the good resolving capability.


~ by tedishikawa on July 6, 2017.

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