NIKON Body-mounted Filters

First, I apologize to all of customers who are interested in NIKON body-mounted filters. At this moment, we have only HEUIBII-N3 (for D5100) in Stock. Any other types? sorry, I can’t specify the shipping schedule right now. Next month I will discuss with the machine shop in Japan who is making filter holders for us and conclude next production plan. I will announce here again once we can set the production schedule.

SONY DSCSorry again for the inconvenience to you. Please wait for my next announcement.

The joint photo gallery between Fujifilm and BORG will be held two months in Tokyo. This is the amazing event.


Photos are taken by a professional wild animal photographer – Rei Ohara and Mr.BORG – Noboru Nakagawa. Yes, as one of Fuji and BORG users, I fully agree this is the great combination. As described several times here, Fuji’s color depth is superb. And image finish is not like digital. Well resolved, but not jaggy. The details look soft at glance, but still resolved. I love that like film taste. One drawback in this case is no image stabilizer in a body or in optical train. Anyway the shooting skill might solve that.  If someone will have the chance to stay in Tokyo, please try to make the schedule to visit to Bic Camera Ikebukoro shop 8F Photo gallery.


~ by tedishikawa on June 23, 2017.

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