My Eclipse Imaging System

The total eclipse is almost two months away. Although the imaging during the totality is not my priority, I start considering my day and night imaging system. For solar guiding, I need to have dual axes motors. So I changed my Takahashi PM-1 mount back to dual-mode and set two SS-one controllers first time. So I needed to test with Hinode solar guider. It has just worked as expected. One drawback is many cables as shown below. But this trip opportunity will be priceless. So I wanted to select most reliable way among the gear I have. Especially I loves the accuracy of the polar scope for the night time imaging. Anyway, this test has assured me I can fully focus on binoscope visual observing entire the eclipse period. I can enjoy the time with my favorite beer.

And all of my equipment work at 5V. So I don’t think I will need big battery night and day.  Probably adding one small battery as backup should be good enough. My home-made fragile power converter is the least reliable item. So definitely I need to prepare the backup for that. And I will just do what I can surely do. No challenge.






~ by tedishikawa on June 19, 2017.

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