SS-one Auto Guider Camera

Here is each price. These items will be available from Hutech dealers worldwide too.

SSAGC : $239.00 (camera only)


SSAGC75 : $425.00 (camera and built-in dew heater 75mm/F1.8 lens with hood)


SSAG75S : $530.00 (SSAGC75 + SSAGE set)


As you are aware, this is nice package discount. I believe this should be very good value as complete standalone system including optics and controller. We are scheduling to start shipping sometime next week.

To set a camera, we have to bolt up* from the bottom. So my suggested attachments to BORG users are;

1 Arca Swiss clamp and plate


This is a nice quick release solution.

2. Hutech universal base (Part # UDB)


This setup allows to set Hinode solar guider daytime and SSAGC nighttime without changing system.

Also it is fully compatible with the conventional finder scope clamp base too. Yes, very universal as described.

An extra benefit to above both methods is to raise an auto guider up to more secure the optical clearance in front.

* Be careful of selecting the length of 1/4″-20 bolt. The camera has only 6mm(including metal thickness) clearance room inside. Double check before tightening a screw.


~ by tedishikawa on June 14, 2017.

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