Attention to SS-one & BORG Users

SS-one download site is now available online at Hutech. A latest file – Ver.0.21 for ZWO capture includes a new function – the gradual temperature control. The operational manual has been updated accordingly. Here is the summary of the procedure to update.


  1. Prior to downloading the program,  install “Win32 Disk Imager”. It’s available online.
  2. Insert micro SD card into SD card adapter and format on the card.
  3. Download SS-one program. It’s approx. 2.7GB ZIP file. So it takes time until completion.
  4.  Extract ZIP file so that it expands to about 7GB IMG-format.
  5. Open “Win32 Disk Imager” and select the IMG file and the drive where SD card inserted. Then, click “Write”.

Continue to enjoy astro imaging with SS-one controllers.

Nakazawa san – a founder of SS-one project is now preparing for the focuser control function. This will be incorporated into coming new controllers as well as an existing ZWO capture.  A following is the screenshot of KODO controller for the GOTO mount – Expedition. BORG’s rack & pinion focuser is expected to be motorized, so that it is electrically controlled by SS-one too.


You will be able to control the focuser without PC soon!!


~ by tedishikawa on June 12, 2017.

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