220 Degree FOV & New LPS Filter

Olympus 8mm/F1.8 is well known as the premium quality fisheye lens. I was told it is very sharp entire image circle even at full opening – F1.8. As far as I know, fastest as fish-eye. This is originally a diagonal lens at micro 4/3rds sensor.  Our concept is to use the lens with SONY A7 Series as the circular fish-eye, which achieves 220 degree field of view in full frame sensor. So it covers below the horizon.

Here is the excellent result with a modified 8mm lens designed by IDAS. Go to YouTube to watch in full HD mode.

Image data

  • SONY A7S with IDAS modified Olympus 8mm lens captured by Satoshi Sugimoto
  • ISO 64000 and SS 1/60″
  • In Finland March 28 2017

Congratulations, Sugimoto-san! It’s really great video.

Keep in mind, this is not time-lapse movie. It’s real-time video at 1/60″ shutter speed in full HD mode. So this is the actual motion speed. Amazing, great camera and lens!!

The key for the lens modification is to allow for manual focusing without the electrical signal from the camera body. Don’t worry, AF is still functional when it is set onto Olympus/Panasonic cameras, after removing M4/3-E mount adapter.  F1.8 fast speed optics and A7S high sensitivity is the perfect match to create wonderful real-time aurora movie shown above. I didn’t know how fast aurora is moving around. This looks NHK or BBC broadcasting quality!! The modification kit will be available from Hutech shortly. Also we plan to sell pre-modified Olympus lens as well.



Also IDAS is being prepared to release a new type of LPS filter which is mostly suitable for aurora imaging. This is the moderate sky glow suppression filter while maintaining balanced RGB color. The filter is only designed for SONY A7 Series as a body-mounted type. It should be very helpful to make aurora details higher contrast even the sky is relatively light-polluted.

Please stay tuned here on the update news of these products.



~ by tedishikawa on June 9, 2017.

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