5V Mobile Setup & Eclipse System

Finally I completed my 5V-based mobile system. A step-up voltage converter allows to handle SONY A7 from 5V power now.

Takahashi mount (originally designed at 6V) : 5V/0.4A (during tracking) w/KODO controller

SONY A7 : 5V/0.3A (during exposure)

The battery pack shown in a picture has 22000mA capacity. So such a small battery have a plenty even if it will be getting obsolete. It has 3 USB output ports, which gives the power to one more device such as AG Element for autoguiding. AG Element plus ZWO camera requires over 1A. So I’m not sure one battery pack handles 3 ports together at same time.  I will verify that the next. In any case my original goal was to operate a mount and a camera at 5V.  So at least it cleared my minimal requirement anyway.

The converter indicates input and output voltages, and allows to set a right output voltage based on a camera. This is really a convenient unit.

Technically it might handle DSLRs too. But a big mirror-up/down and shutter-open/close seem to require the tremendous burst power. So I’m not sure this converter handles DSLR camera without the extra work. The mirror-less should be fine. Or silent shutter-capable camera should be perfect. I’m not sure it turns active in bulb mode though. Anyway, my A7 has no electric shutter capability. So somehow it requires a certain level of instant current to open and close a mechanical shutter. So my friend, Jim – a super engineer gave me capacitors for the solution. It has eliminated the concern. Thanks, Jim.

One of long-time BORG and Hutech customers – Steven Chun in Hawai shares his eclipse system. He sets Hinode SG at the focuser section like a finder scope. This should be convenient. Hinode SG’s unversal base allows to quickly release and switch to a conventional finder scope bracket for nighttime.


Enjoy and have a wonderful time during the total eclipse. I wish the sky will be clear at your place, Steven



~ by tedishikawa on June 4, 2017.

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