M8/20 by BORG 107FL

This is a common composing. But I realized it looked the perfect field of view for 650mm f.l. and full frame sensor. Also I don’t recall I took these two targets together after switching from film to digital sensor.


BORG 107FL F6 + Cooled Canon 6D + IDAS HEUIBII-52, 40 x 2 minutes

My last M8 was taken through LPS-V4 while this was with HEUIBII, because of the reflection nebula(I think) – M20.

m8Since both are not processed by exactly same way, it’s hard to compare. But at least V4 image looks higher contrast while last night image is more affected by light pollution especially at lower right. LPS-D1 might have done the better job in this case.  BTW, M8 image was 4 minutes exposure at same ISO1600. We can see how LPS-V4 effectively blocks sky glow.


~ by tedishikawa on May 29, 2017.

One Response to “M8/20 by BORG 107FL”

  1. Ted,

    Very nice images. This is very helpful, since sometimes I have a hard time deciding on V4 or HEUIBII. Seems V4 is best in my messy light-polluted sky at Anza. The dark site in Baja is good for the other.


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