BORG Series 80 Guide Scope

My 67FL was sleeping on the shelf all the time. So I played around to try to use it as a guide scope. Usually 80/60 conversion tube is set in front (behind the objective). But I set at end of main tube. One advantage is we can use Series 80 long tube.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPersonally I love this simple finish. Although it is Series 80 configuration, still very lightweight because of no heavy parts at all. 67FL is unnecessarily too sharp as guide scope. But I like this setup. I might continue to use as my default.

I tried to do same with 77EDII too. It’s simple and lightweight!!

0526bIf someone own the unused Series 80 scopes such as 76/77Ach and are looking for lightweight solution as a guide scope of Series 80, this is it.  BORG still has an extra 80/60 tube.

Again, there is no rule on the system configuration in BORG. You can build up whatever you like shown as above. Only two things to pay attention to are 1) of course, reaching focus at the infinity and 2) no mechanical vignetting. Anything else, completely free to do. Enjoy BORG philosophy!!

~ by tedishikawa on May 26, 2017.

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