Are you ready for the total eclipse?

One of BORG 90FL users – Haldun Menali send me his visual setup for the eclipse. He looks ready to go anytime.

An interesting side-by-side setup. Very unique thing is to use bungee cords to tighten two scopes together. I guess this makes two scopes more stable? Haldun, thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderful time during the eclipse.

Attention to BORG users, please send me your eclipse setup picture and share your idea with us here. Probably most of people start testing and determining the way for go. I’m curious of seeing too.

One of BORG 107FL users in Japan – Kasori san took great lunar pictures. These close-up shots make me feel like viewing from the window of the lunar orbiter.

0523c 0523dImage data : BORG 107FL + 1.4x teleconverter DX (#7215) + PL15mm + QHY5III

Very nice! Kasori san

Attention to users of ZWO image capture, now the controller allows to set the cooling/warming power.

0523eThe default is “zero”. This makes cooling and warming at maximum speed. If you set “3/min” for example, the temperature’s changing speed turns 3 degree per minute. This feature should be helpful of minimizing the possibility of the dew or frost formation. Now we are preparing for the download site for the latest program. I will notify you once it will be ready.


~ by tedishikawa on May 23, 2017.

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