Meteor Imaging System & Astro Image

I just bought 1st generation ASI 120mm camera from a friend. I thought this was the perfect combination with SS-one ZWO image capture for meteor shooting, or simply saying all-sky camera. No need autoguider port and USB 3. So a camera is not obsolete at all.

0512The biggest advantage is no-PC over the night. It means no big power source required either. I’m curious whether my USB battery pack lasts one night or not. Let me see. At this moment, ZWO Capture allows to shoot only up to 99 frames though.  I will play it around anyway.

Local serious astro phtographer – David Losano recently got a modified SONY A7SFH with LPS-D1 body-mounted filter. Here is his 1st shot.

m20m8 area 33x20sec PS2 5-5-5017LR

Beautiful wide-field shot!, David. LPS filter or any interference type of filter has the spectrum shift issue. So It must be set behind the lens when wide-angle lens is used with. So LPS body-mounted filter is very useful for this kind of low angle target.

Here is other shots in Chile by Sam Berrada. He owns 2 6DHs. So I guess these might have been taken side-by-side same time.

Eta C B107B107FL F6 and Canon 6DH (20x6min ISO 1250)

Eta Carina B90v4 (PS saturated) JPGB90FL F4 and Canon 6DH (24x4min ISO 1250)

Sam, thanks again for sharing your pictures with us. Especially southern hemisphere sky is very fresh for me. I look forward to continuously seeing your image.


~ by tedishikawa on May 12, 2017.

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