New BORG Fork Mount (#3112) & 1.08x Field flattener (#7108)

BORG single fork mount was well known as a solid compact mount. Now Arca Swiss compatible version is available too.

3112Part #3112 : $210.00

A new price is dramatically reduced and unlike previous models, it doesn’t require special dovetail plates. So overall cost is very minimal. It fits popular Arca Swiss compatible dovetail plates available in the market.

I switched all of my mount clamps and dovetail plates to Arca Swiss interfaces.   So all optical systems I have fit all mounts I own, including a single fork mount. This mount is ideal for casual visual observing.

One extra good feature is a clamp is functional as a riser block too, so the scope a bit moves further from the mount, which gives you more chance to point the scope toward zenith without interference, even in alt-az setup shown below.


It was 1st time for me to use 7108 – 1.08x field flattener for deep sky objects last new moon period. Unfortunately the result I took was only one. But this was my happy ending although I had some mid-night trouble.  When I saw 1st test shot on camera’s LCD screen, I felt something different on the image. It was high color contrast I’ve never seen. Generally camera’s LCD screen shows us very vivid tendency. But it was different from usual. I’m now leaning one of factors is 7108. The cemented two-element field flattener seems to be doing good job as well as 107 fluorite.

0504bEnd of this month, I will try to use the same configuration for different targets. If I still feel the same, my feeling must be real.

Anyway, this multi flattener is very useful for the multi-purpose.  Adding 7425 in front, it allows into 2″ opening. Optically works with 300mm to 800mm focal length. Very versatile design. High recommended.

I noticed SONY announced an interesting technology. Experia Touch (click to YouTube).

y_G1109_technologyI’m eager to have!!  I’m so curious how the image processor creates the image shape based on the projected size. The sensor feedback the various image scale to the processor? Anyway, I’m very glad to see this kind of product is coming up from SONY. I’m one of proudly very very rare Experia users in US. Actually I’ve never seen anyone who own Experia smartphone except SONY staff. GO SONY!

I hope this should be able to become the wonderful flat-panel planetarium without star distortion(??). Let’s see.


~ by tedishikawa on May 11, 2017.

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