Astro Images

Canadian serious astro photographer – Sam Berrada came back from Chile and continuously sent me several gorgeous Southern Hemisphere images, which I’ve never taken yet. Especially I don’t remember I have seen a following object before.

Blue Horse B90 JPG 3Blue Horse IC4592 with B90FL F4 and Canon 6DH (24x4min ISO 1250)

TAR LRGB SAT JPG5.jpgTarantula with B107FL F6 and Atik 460EX LRGB

Sam, thanks for sharing your beautiful images. I’m glad you had great time there. I’m glad he is enjoying with his two BORGs.

My long-time astro friend, – Dave Kodama begins to use ZWO Image Capture with a newly acquired ZWO camera – a cooled ASI1600C.  This is his 1st light in this particular system.


BTW, he is still using large format film cameras – 4″x5″ and 6×7/6×9. All have the vacuumed back, which I used to use myself too. His observatory looks like the museum of the classic astro film cameras. Probably we can see some of them at his web site.


I have some more images from Sam and from some others. I will post them tomorrow or later on.



~ by tedishikawa on May 10, 2017.

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