IDAS Filter Availability, Another Last Weekend Shot & SS-one Mount – Expedition

Some of IDAS filters are currently out of stock even in the manufacturer.

  1. LPS-D1-72 and 82 :  First I apologize to all of customers who are waiting for them long time. Unfortunately, 72mm and 82mm were out of production more than 6 months. Finally the new production schedule has been set and they are expected to come up end of June. Still nearly two months away though. There are no dealer stock either.  I appreciate if you can be continuously patient.
  2. CANON and SONY body-mounted filters :  Recently manufacturer stock has run out. I’m sure there are still some dealer stock. At least Hutech still has some in stock. New lot will come up sometime next month.

Sorry again for the inconvenience.

A following was a result taken by an another system – 90FL last weekend.

na1BORG 90FL F4 + SONY A7H + IDAS HEUIBII-52, guided by AG Element, I was too tired to take flat and dark. So this image is no dark/flat applied either. I could apply GradientXTerminaor. But I thought this might be good example to see the fundamental performance of 90FL F4.

This is nothing special. But at least what I assured are

  • HEUIBII did work as expected. No color balance adjusted in above image.
  • SS-one AG Element and KODO Controller were working flawlessly.  It was good and steady guiding.
  • Takahashi PM-1 polar scope was very accurate. At least no noticeable DEC drifting at 360mm focal length in 2 minute. AG Element with 75mm guide lens showed DEC graph was just horizontal bar entire above imaging sequence – about 30 minutes. This assured me of extending the exposure time more without DEC correction.

This was the system I used.


SS-one owner – Nakazawa san keeps working hard to develop SS-one GOTO mount – Expedition. Here is 3rd generation prototype.


FSQ85ED is a bit heavier than BORG 107FL. So I guess above total loading weight including cameras etc looks around 5kg or so. Nice! I can load my 107FL with a heavy cooled 6D camera too. Especially in this picture, the one I wanted to point out is a small and square counterweight. The lower DEC allows to reduce the counter weight and the square shape is the good fit to battery pack. As far as I know, no one designed this kind of counterweight shaft. Smart design! His final goal is to achieve the mount weight less than 4 kg. That will be 4th (and I guess final) prototype. Let’s keep our eyes opened on the progress.





~ by tedishikawa on May 3, 2017.

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