Attention to Users of ZWO Image Capture

ZWO new program (Ver. 0.20) is now available and we are arranging the download site for latest programs and manuals on AG Element and ZWO Image Capture. Once all will be set, I will notify you again.

This is the summary on its update.


New version shows the time and the location at upper left when GPS receiver is inserted. Also if the automatic dark and/or flat is pre-set, it indicates at upper right. Above picture describes the automatic dark subtraction is currently on. If dark and flat are both are set, it will show up like “Dark/Flat”. So as result, each dark/flat-applied light frame is saved one by one while continuously taking further shots. You can still save unprocessed frame as well at same time.


Also imaging data is embedded into each light frame as shown above.

The SS-one developer’s final goal for ZWO capture will be to create single final image file after automatically compositing. This is why one of above data shows “composite=1”. Because of not ready yet, it indicates “1”, but already assigned for future update.


~ by tedishikawa on April 25, 2017.

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