Jupiter through 90FL Bino w/Vixen HR 2.4mm

I noticed the Jupiter was up at comfortable time these days. So I set 90FL Bino at my backyard and enjoyed Jupiter viewing over the weekend. I’m not a serious visual observer. But binoscope viewing is different. I’m so serious. I spent 1 hour only for Jupiter to continuously keep watching. Binoscope viewing with Vixen HR eyepieces is very comfortable. No tired at all. 0424aBORG 90FL Bino + Meade LX90/8″ + AOK platform + Vixen HR 2.4mm

I’m using HR 2.4mm. So it was 200x plus magnification. Eyepieces gives me high eyepoint and bright image. I love a pair of HR eyepieces very much. One day, I wish to get two 2.0mm. I hope it will be still bright and clear image at 250x. Meade double-fork mount is really enjoyable.

When I was using a single fork mount before, shaking was annoying during focusing. But it’s gone. And non-tracking double fork I used to use before was stable but not enjoyable either. My job was to just try to keep chasing the target by hands instead of viewing. It was really uncomfortable and almost impossible at high magnification to do so long time. Now these two factors are completely gone. Very comfortable and enjoyable now. Thanks, beat at AOK Swiss and Meade. You gave me happiness.

Jimmy, please come over my house and let’s share wonderful planetary viewing.

This is now my best visual scope. 107FL bino must be nicer. But I’m afraid more bulky and heavier. The mount has to be 10″ type. The mount will be bigger and heavier too. So I still think 90FL bino is realistic for me at all of aspects.

This will be my primary gear for the total eclipse too. I’m excited how I can spend time along with 90FL bino during the totality. I’m sure it will be unforgettable experience in my life. Only concern is the sky……


~ by tedishikawa on April 24, 2017.

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