WiFi Connection with SS-one Controllers

For the customers who are waiting for ZWO Capture, thanks for your patience. We are scheduling to start 2nd lot shipment middle of next month.

One of good features for SS-one controllers is the mirrored function with a smartphone or tablet etc. This allows to control and keep watching imaging status remotely. Probably most convenient in cold winter time.

0327aAt this moment, WiFi antenna optionally provided by us is only one we can guarantee since the software driver is already in. But according to one of users, following device works without installing the driver. So this is virtually plug and play mode.


Setting procedure is

1) Plug WiFi USB adapter before powering on. Once ZWO Capture gets ready to use, “ssonecmos” pops up in the WiFi list on your smartphone or tablet.

2) Connect “ssonecmos”.

3) Start up the viewer software and initially set as follows;

Host :

Port : 5900

4) And press “Connect”. Then, you can see same screen on smartphone or tablet, and control on touch screen.

I’m using “Remote Ripple” freeware. It looks reliable and stable, and easy for initial setting.

This procedure is exactly same for AG Element and AG Complete too.

Enjoy astro imaging in comfort.


~ by tedishikawa on March 27, 2017.

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