SS-one 3 Brothers & BORG 1.25″ Helical Focusers

Hutech will demonstrate 3 SS-one controllers at NEAF.

0324aPlease stop by Hutech booth at NEAF, and touch and play it around. From left, ZWO Image Capture, AG Element and AG Complete. Each model’s features can be seen at

As mentioned earlier, ZWO capture and AG Element are commercially available. AG Complete will be later.

As many are using, BORG 1.25″ helical focusers are very convenient tools and long-seller items among BORG components. #4317 is rotating type while #7315 is non. Each focuser has M36.4 thread at the objective size. This is the quite popular thread size in most of Japanese brand telescopes including Vixen crones. So this fits those scopes without an adapter. But some adapters give us more attachment possibilities. Most common is # 7423. This allows to attach the focuser onto male t-thread shown below.

Also 7315 is t-threaded outside, which allows to connect a camera without nosepiece. The focuser achieves fine focus tuning. So it’s perfect match for planetary viewing and imaging. If your scope system has no such a thread, generic 1.25″ nosepiece adapter # 7316 allows to insert the focuser into the opening. Enjoy high power viewing and imaging with those focusers!







~ by tedishikawa on March 24, 2017.

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