SS-one Portable Mount “Expedition”

This will be the mainstream of SS-one “PC-less” project.  Key concepts for the mount Expedition are

  •  Heavy-duty portable GEM capable of handling 3″ or 4″ (in case of BORG) scopes and heavy cooled cameras.
  • More open space when pointed to the zenith
  • GOTO and dual-axes tracking/autoguiding capability without PC
  • Built-in electric polar camera as standard
  • Dithered imaging when used with SS-one KODO controller
  • Low profile DEC unit allows to reduce the counterweight
  • Compact size – 180mm  x 220mm x 90mm when disassembled

In short, this is the airline-transportable mount for the overseas expedition. Target users will be those who wish to minimize the system weight and size while maximizing the imaging performance without PC at the field. Stay tune.



~ by tedishikawa on March 17, 2017.

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