BORG Erecting Finder Scope

I have decided to carry my finder configuration as the commercial package. I’m using with Japanese Ortho 25mm. It shows me very clean star shape entire field of view at 10x. Probably AFOV is not as wide as other eyepieces. But very pleasing view anyway.

Features are

  1. High quality 50mm achromat lens F5/250mm
  2. Precision helical focuser for fine focusing
  3. Includes an erecting prism
  4. The focuser allows to attach T-threaded diagonal as well.
  5. It turns a guide scope by adding an extra 7604
  6. Package price : $295.00 (including 2050, 7604, 7603, 7522, 7315 & 7779 – You will see good package discount)
  7. Tube OD is 60mm

As mentioned the above, very flexible system design. It’s a system package. But still each user can change the system based on personal favorite. At least you can enjoy star-hopping with your favorite eyepieces. Actually this is a real telescope, not modified from a original finder scope. So it is the premium grade optically and mechanically.

Since the focuser has 10mm focus travel, it doesn’t guarantee the focusing with all of eyepieces. But don’t worry, thanks for BORG proprietary modular design – By adding an extension tube or replacing if necessary, it accepts all eventually.

As described before, I’m planning to use this finder scope to view the entire corona during the totality. I guess 10x looks perfect.


~ by tedishikawa on March 8, 2017.

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