SS-one Auto Guider

SS-one, Japanese developer and producer for PC-less astro imaging project, is now preparing to start shipping their original auto guide camera.

Features are

  • Compact and super lightweight.
  • Square box camera body – eliminating mounting rings and matching the mount’s X/Y axis quite easier.
  • Dew heater as standard. Powered from 5V USB.
  • Lens(75mm c-mount) and AG Element controller packages will be available.
  • MT9M035 sensor – 1.2mp & 1280 x 960, same as ZWO ASI 120MM chip
  • Works with virtually any of Windows-based software such as PHD guiding too.

Hutech plans to display this guider camera as well as AG Element controller at NEAF.

Recent BORG user – Mauri Rosenthal, NY tried to shoot several small targets with his 71FL.


Looks very nice shot even with this small aperture and short focal length. Special note is he shot without a field flattener or reducer. So this is a basic prime focus result. Fortunately the sensor is small enough without flattening the image field.


~ by tedishikawa on March 6, 2017.

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