BORG Padded Carrying Bag & ZWO Image Capture Ready

I thought BORG carrying bag looked the perfect size for 107FL and guide scope. This bag is deep enough when a divider is removed. So I was expecting to put all together including a guide scope.


107FL’s dew-shield section perfectly fits as well.


Above all of OTA section goes into a bag. Very convenient. Probably we can put visual configuration including 2″ diagonal too. Well fit for Series 80 scopes. Part # 5414 Price is very reasonable too. This fully padded bag is highly recommended for Series 80 scope users.

Now SS-one ZWO Image Capture is commercially available.


SSZWO : $149.00

This eliminates PC use in the field and allows to operate like DSLR at 5V USB power. It should be a good companion for ZWO mobile users.


~ by tedishikawa on March 4, 2017.

4 Responses to “BORG Padded Carrying Bag & ZWO Image Capture Ready”

  1. How can i purchase SS-one ZWO Image Capture

  2. Any plans by SS-One to produce a QHY Image Capture in the future?

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