Japan Trip 2 – IDAS & Masuyama, & 107FL First Light

My longest business partner – IDAS Mr. Aonuma – an owner of the company. He is a genuine optical filter designer. I don’t hesitate to clearly tell he is the most talented as a filter designer in the world. I didn’t see him long time. So I took Shinkansen to go to the snow world – Yamagata. Yamagata creates a lot of the traditional food – Sake, Soba and some other fruits such as cherry and peach etc. All are well known as premium quality. So fun to go there to buy and bring too.


Following was my result during my trip in Japan. These are all premium sake I brought back to home. I’m glad I can enjoy for a while. 0303e

IDAS is now planning to release many new type of filters this year. Please stay tune on IDAS news.

And I had meeting with Mr.Masuyama at his office. This is an another new lineup of MOP series. I was told 26mm will be available shortly.


And I brought 3″ Masuyama 80mm. It’s now displayed at my showroom. It’s huge and heavy. Compared with 1.25″ Ortho 25mm.

0303fIf someone have the scopes optically and mechanically fitting this eyepiece, please come and try to use, and show me the view. I’m very curious how it performs. I plan to display at NEAF show too.

I think this is 1st feedback from one of 107FL users – Sam Berrada in Canada. Since he is planning to take this scope as well as his 90FL F4 to Chile this month, he tested a new scope even in extremely cold condition in Canada. The result looks very good as expected. Since his goal this time was the optical test, he didn’t deeply make image processing. But still nice looking.


107FL F6.0 + Canon 6DH

And this is a cropped version.sam107aI’m looking forward to seeing his image taken in Chile. Have a good trip and enjoy with a new scope there. His companion to Chile also takes 90FL F4 too. I want to describe these are the premium travel scopes.

Also I’m glad to know the fluorite optics have performed as designed even in extremely cold condition. That’s very good to know too. Thanks for your efforts, time and feedback, Sam. I was too busy to use scopes these days.




~ by tedishikawa on March 3, 2017.

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