Japan Trip

Hello again Mt. Fuji, one of most favorite mountains for me. I was delighted to have seen it this year again. It always shows us the beautiful face and is proudly one of Japanese symbols. This is taken from the train station of my home town before going to the show.



More astronomy users stopped by BORG both this year than previous years.


Fuji’s 55mm-diagonal sensor camera GFX.

0302gI have to wait until it will be going down to more friendly price for me. Because of extremely too many people, I gave up to try to touch and use. BORG is now seriously paying attention to this size of the sensor to be used with BORG scope. You will see some new optics within this year. The optical design has been already done. Please keep your eyes opened.

SONY A7SII goes to the space station.

4K video from the space station is taken by SONY A7SII.

Panasonic’s DFD AF technology.

0302e I think this is great technology. Here is the demonstration video.

And Panasonic dual IS 5-axis (body) x 2-axis(lens). This looks superb technology too.

I went to some other cities to have business meeting this time. I will write up some here.


~ by tedishikawa on March 2, 2017.

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