Ambassador to Astro Hutech – Stan Moniz

Stan Moniz, a professional photographer, is showing us his great achievements at his site these days.
0209aNow he will start using Hutech-modified SONY A7S and IDAS filter(HEUIBII-A7) as his main gear for the nighttime photography. And most likely BORG 55FL astrograph will be soon included in his bag too.

Please enjoy his beautiful and artistic nature photography. He publishes all of imaging data and technique as well. Very good site for learning the technique.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing how he maximizes the performance of each Hutech product with his artistic sense.

Please keep tuned.

As he mentioned, Tokina new lens – Firin 20mm looks a great performer. Personally I’m very curious about that too.



This should be a great wide-field lens for SONY e-mount astro users. Looks like I can get a loaner unit from Tokina around this spring. I want to share its astro performance with you here.


~ by tedishikawa on February 9, 2017.

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