SS-one AG Element & Mini Mount

Here is the summary of AG Element.



AG Element functions autoguiding and polar alignment. See one setup example.


I use Takahashi PM-1 DEC’s unit as RA single tracking mount now. Because this was originally DEC unit, no polar scope installed. So I set SS-one original electronics polar device in front. You can see a tiny lens. That is connected via USB cable to AG Element. SS-one plans to let AG Element control QHY PoleMaster as well if technically allowed. We are currently discussing with QHY . If we can successfully add PoleMaster function into AG Element, you can control PoleMaster without PC. That should be huge benefit for mobile users.

0131cFinally, I set SS-one motor unit at the top of PM-1 mount for dual-axes mount. The unit is solid enough for BORG 90FL shown in a picture.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAdding one more motor unit, we can build up as GOTO portable mount. Japanese-made high-quality and torqurful hybrid motor achieves DC-motor like high-speed GOTO capability at 300x as well as precision guiding like by a regular stepping motor. This system is expected to release this spring along with following new controller.





~ by tedishikawa on January 31, 2017.

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