BORG 107FL, SS-one ZWO controller & ASI174MM

It was my 3 first experiences last weekend – first 107FL, first SS-one ZWO controller and first monochrome camera for deepsky. My key concept was a small target by a small sensor. Because of playing-around stage, I tried at my backyard.

0130aBORG 107FL F6.5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALPS-D1-52 was inserted into a filter box in front of field flattener

0129This shows LiveView mode. One of good features in the controller is to allow to set two separate gains – one for LiveView and one for actual shooting. M42 is easy to see as default. But M101 was too faint at beginning. So I increased LiveView gain, then faint targets showed up on the screen. This LiveView gain doesn’t affect the actual shooting. Completely separate. That’s very user friendly.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA5-point focusing mode. We can see center and 4 corners same time. Each box image can be zoom-up too. This is an another valuable feature.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring shooting, previous image frame automatically keeps showing up. Lower left box shows an enlarged star image, so that we can see the status of guiding and focusing at a glance without any touching screen. This is very nice too!! If an external WiFi antenna is connected, we can keep checking all of same screen from a smartphone remotely. That should be nice too so that we don’t have to go back to the telescope how image is going.

And the result. As expected, Leo triplet was perfect FOV for ASI174 sensor size and 650mm focal length. But I feel I need smaller pixel and more number of pixels for more resolution. Unfortunately this is only one ZWO camera I currently have.

Picture saved with settings embedded.

BORG 107FL F6.5 (w/1.08x flattener and IDAS LPS-D1-52) + SS-One/KODO controller + ASI174MM(non-cooled), 10 x 5 minutes (I wanted to have longer exposure. But unfortunately I noticed the camera has 5 minutes exposure limit.)

Image is nothing fancy. But the monochrome camera gave me the different feeling from one-shot color.

BORG 107FL looks very nice as expected and SS-one controller was flawlessly working over the night. Nothing worried about. It’s really functional, and convenient and easy to use. Definitely very valuable companion for mobile users. I will start building up shortly. Thanks Nakazawa san. Very nice product!! He is planning to release more fancy controllers. Please stay tuned here.



~ by tedishikawa on January 30, 2017.

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