SS-one/KODO ZWO Controller

SS-one/KODO ZWO controller is getting ready for shipment. Here is the summary. The key concept is “PC-less” and “DSLR-like operation” with ZWO camera.

0127bThis screen shows “ready to start shooting – 1 minute exposure and 3 frames”. It also indicates camera model, the number of pixels and  the sensor temperature. For cooled camera, press “Cool” to set the cooling temperature. Once connecting CFW, its carousel numbers show up on the screen as well and different color indicates which filter is in the optical train at the present.

0127cPressing “LiveView”, “Focus” and “Zoom”. To go back the previous menu, simply press current menu.

0127aAnother focusing feature : Screen shows 5-section zoom-up images entire the sensor (center and 4 corners). Great feature!!

0127dAnd Another unique feature is the internal dark /flat processing.

Touch screen is responsive well.

Part # : SSZWO

Price : $139.00


~ by tedishikawa on January 27, 2017.

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