BORG Series 80 with MoonLite & Current BORG Availability

If someone are interested in using MoonLite focuser with BORG, select their “BORG 77mm” adapter, so that you can attach MoonLite focuser directly onto Series 80 main tube. For example, the configuration for 107FL is as follows

2107 – 7151 – MoonLite 2″

It’s quite simple. I recommend MoonLite’s 2.5″ drawtube type. 2.5″ is still a plenty of focus travel. I don’t think there is any focusing problem. But if necessary, you can adjust the length of the main tube. That’s one of BORG advantages. Also I’m concerned about the vignetting in case of 5″ drawtube.

BTW, BORG M75 helical focuser has the smart design, which allows to set in front(behind the objective) or at rear(before a camera), or to reverse the focuser’s direction. See at my 107FL galaxy imaging configuration. This is only one monochrome camera I have.


Since a camera is so lightweight, I set a focuser at rear. This makes the weight balance much easier. The above was converted from following system. The direction of the focuser? That’s fully my personal favorite. (The picture shows SS-one/KODO ZWO image capture. I will write it up next. It’s very good product!!)


BORG proprietary free configuration rule. Only things you have to have mind are

  • Of course, reaching focus
  • No mechanical vignetting
  • Right back focus distance when reducer or flattener is used

BTW, currently we are taking the order for 107FL for April or May shipment. At same time, all of BORG lenses are out of factory stock now. Current lead time other than 107FL is 3o to 45 days. Hutech still has some 90FLs in stock. But it might be sold out soon.

Our Hong Kong dealer – Sun East, they might still have various objective lenses in stock. They are the stock dealer. For your urgent purchase, please contact peter. His e-mail is Peter is one of long-time BORG partners and is well knowledgeable on BORG system. I highly recommend asking him if you have any question on BORG or any other Hutech products.



~ by tedishikawa on January 26, 2017.

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