Hinode ST, Solar Tuner

I was not always comfortable during Ha filter tuning. So I decided to make the unit making me happy. I believe this is the solution. The tuner allows to control tuning remotely and eliminate shaking during that.

This is a new member of Hinode family, following Hinode SG solar guider.

I tested at the field today. It optically worked as expected. Easy to see changing solar details without the annoying vibration and interrupting the solar observing. It weights only 250g without a motor. At least I didn’t want to make it bulky and heavy. So I was glad when I got units from machine shop. I will refine a bit more and go commercial production. Once I set pricing, I will announce here.

Both plates have 67mm filter threads. So it fits all of BORG scopes and Solarscope filter without custom-made adapter. Quite easy. The picture shows BORG 77EDII objective. You can flip a unit over if the objective is larger than that.

A motor and hand controller are quite popular ones for the telescope focuser available in the market all over the world. So if you are using them for your focuser, you can simply switch a controller cable to the tuning unit.






~ by tedishikawa on January 19, 2017.

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