SS-One Open Source Project

Now Hutech is ready to take an order for one of open-source project items – SS-one AG Element.


Part # SSAGE : $149.00

Features are

  • Raspberry Pi-based standalone auto-guiding controller
  • Electric polar finder (requires USB GPS receiver and polar finder unit provided by SS-one)
  • Power consumption : 450mA/5V
  • Smartphone accessible (requires WiFi antenna unit)
  • Current supporting cameras are ZWO 120MM and 120C, and SS-one original cubic-sized compact camera (which will be available later). The compatibility with other ZWO cameras will be clarified in SS-one open-source project forum. The forum will be established by Hutech sometime soon.



  • Power cable and AC or DC adapter are not included. Prepare a micro USB cable and 2A/5V or more current capacity adapter. Most of smartphone AC adapter might not be sufficient.
  •  Since AG Element doesn’t synchronize the imaging camera, it has no dithering capability. AG Complete will do that job instead, which will be commercially available later, besides the open source project.
  • SS-one opens the source code for the license-free mutual development.





~ by tedishikawa on January 16, 2017.

One Response to “SS-One Open Source Project”

  1. This looks great Ted. Freedom from the computer, awesome!

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