New BORG 107FL Package & Premium Finder Scope

We added 107FL FTF visual set.

107ftf20Part # 107FTF20 : $2,795.00

BTW, all of 107FL units in February shipment have been sold out. Now we are taking an order for March shipment. After that, 107FL might not be temporarily available at least a couple of months or longer until an another lot of fluorite lens will come up from Canon.

I’d like to appreciate all of customers who ordered already.

Based on the suggestion from the customer, I tried to figure out how I could convert AG50T2 guide scope package into a finder scope. See my result.

_dsf6012I removes one of 7604s from the guide scope configuration. I’m glad to reach the focus at the infinity only by this kind of easy re-configuration step. I’m using BORG erecting prism diagonal (#7779),  and Japanese Ortho 25mm. The diagonal is a slightly longer light path than a regular 1.25″ diagonal. A helical focuser has only 10mm focus travel. So I can’t guarantee if you can reach the focus with your eyepiece and diagonal. But we have various extension tubes such as 7mm, 12mm, 20mm & 28mm. If necessary, by changing combination of extension tubes, I’m 100% sure you can reach focus. This should turn the real good value as double duty scopes for guider as well as finder.

With a precision helical focuser, a high quality 50mm achromat lens and an erecting diagonal. this should be the premium finder scope. Highly recommended. AG50T2 turns c-mount interface too by adding T/C adapter. So this should be useful for the users who own c-mount camera too. It’s really fun for me to find out the new system configuration.


~ by tedishikawa on January 10, 2017.

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