BORG/Meade Binoscope Sets

Now BORG/Meade Bino sets are commercially available.

This platform allows to set BORG Series 60 and 80 except 107FL. Unfortunately 107FL is too wide for LX-90/8″ mount. 89ED might have the issue when pointing to the zenith with light-weight eyepieces. All depends on the weight balance.

BORG 50 erecting finder scope has the double duties. It conveniently works as back and forth weight adjustment too. As expected, so steady. Yes, this was exactly what I was seeking for, after using a single fork mount. Double fork and bino is the beauty.

AOK Swiss-proprietary platform collimation system plus mirror collimators achieves the uncompromising high power planetary viewing.


A new platform allows to adjust the inter-pupillary distance simply by pushing and pulling a right-side scope. Ball bearings achieves the smooth movement. Very nice!

One more Vixen HF 2.4mm is on the way.

This gives me 200x bino viewing with 90FL. Must be very nice.

Hutech sells Meade mount and swing bracket only too. This gives you 2-step plan. First, you can start using the mount with a single scope. And you can build up the complete bino later.

Finally my ultimate visual system is complete. At least ready for twin-scope viewing during this year’s solar eclipse. Fluorite erect-image. nothing mirrored, no prism, double collimation system, double fork mount with GOTO and tracking capability. What else do I need?  No, nothing else. And I don’t want larger or heavier. 90FL is a right size as portability. Personally I don’t like the mirrored image for the planets, the sun and the moon. I need to see the true faces.

Thank you, Beat.For European customers who are interested, please contact AOK Swiss. He is quite familiar with BORG optical system as well.









~ by tedishikawa on January 5, 2017.

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