Camera Rotator, BORG 0.7x Reducer & Happy New Year!

One of big supporters for Hutech – Phil Jones shared his nice wide-field imaging setup and its result taken with Nikon D810A and SIGMA 50mm Art.

th-1918150534-1320x859Beautiful image and setup!!

I can see Veil and globular cluster (6940? according to the atlas) too. Nice composing!

I like the combination of SIGMA 50mm/Art with full frame sensor very much too. Perfect match for milky-way shot. I feel, not too wide and not too narrow.

The camera rotator allows to orient a camera and a lens during composing without losing the weight balance. As mentioned several times here, a ball head doesn’t work at all in my standard. It’s not the issue for heavy-duty or not. It’s a ball head’s fundamental issue. So I’m sure he composes in comfort with it.

Also he has recently re-configured his 71FL scope system by changing 0.7x super reducer to the dedicated reducer (7872).


7870 has been discontinued. But it was well designed as the universal type which works from 350mm to 1000mm focal length, and good match with non-BORG scopes too. So good value as an all-around-player. I’m sure still people are looking it around in the market. If someone are interested in his 7870, please send a private e-mail to me.

Finally it’s a last day for an office work today. I’d like to thank you all of customers who are supporting Hutech and accessing my blog here this year. Have happy new year!! and see you again in 2017.

~ by tedishikawa on December 30, 2016.

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