BORG 107FL 1st Light & 55FL F3.6 New Astrograph Set

One of 107FL users in Japan – Kasori san fed back his recent image already. Very quick!! These look ideal targets for star test to see the performance of 107FL.   Both were taken with 107FL + 7108 + modified 6D. So 650mm / F6 in full frame sensor.


1226bLooking very sharp and high color contrast. I don’t remember that I saw this level of high contrast dark river sections of Rosette nebula before. But I wonder 7108 is properly set at the ideal location. So I guess his image might become even better. Anyway, these images show 107FL’s big potential. I’m excited at my 1st tryout too.

Also I just prepared for a new 55FL astrograph package as Hutech original. It’s more complete unit. You just need a proper camera adapter additionally.


190mm / 830g

Part # 62581 : $1,275.00

Main differences from an original package are a new set comes with a camera rotator, a mounting ring and a bracket. A bracket is Arca Swiss compatible as well as having 1/4″-20 threaded holes at the bottom. So there are a lot of mounting options.

Also a ring easily allows to set a guider or finder at its top, and even at both sides. Very convenient. I’m using Arca Swiss clamp and plate. But it’s not necessary if a plate has simple hole.


~ by tedishikawa on December 26, 2016.

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