BORG 107FL Finally Came In!

I got today. My primary concern was the system weight balance. So I started playing around for checking.


107FL Visual R & P Set : $2,450.00 as Hutech original package. It includes

2107, 7151, 7801, 9850(R&P focuser), 7504, 2 x 7085 and 2 x 7020

Above setting is in balance at DEC. As long as using BORG riser block (#7020), it gives us a plenty of adjustment room for back and forth weight balance.

BTW, 7020 is so smart design. Very light weight and solid. I’m not sure how I can describe the material. But surprisingly very solid. I will test for imaging. But looks solid enough for imaging. And stackable as shown below.

LEGO-block like design. If someone wish to raise up more and more, you can stack more and more. Very nice design!! I like that. BTW, stackable option only possible along with BORG dovetail plate (#3200) because of hole location matching issue.

For completely sure, I recommend Hutech metal block. (part # MRB2).


Shown with a Vixen-compatible dovetail plate. If this is preferable, you can get metal riser block from Hutech. I’m glad the half-inch is high enough.

So far, everything looking good.





~ by tedishikawa on December 23, 2016.

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