107FL F6 Astrograph

After studying several system configurations for imaging, I decided to prepare following system as astrograph package.

1223cFeatures are;

— 1 : 650mm / F6 fluorite optics covering full frame sensor

— 2 : M75 helical focuser in front (behind the objective lens), so you won’t have to worry about the weight of camera etc at all. So completely rigid connection at the rear of OTA.

— 3 : Built-in camera rotator (#7352)

— 4 : Easily re-configurable for a reducer setup. I think we can build up the reducer configuration without changing system a lot. Probably small piece of M57 extension tube or Series 80 tube, something like that.

I’d like to recommend Hutech a pair of riser block. This makes weight balance much easier. Hutech riser block eliminates the interference between a plate and helical focuser rubber grip too.

In case of a lightweight camera setup, probably setting M75 focuser after a main tube. That should make the weight balance easier.

My small concern WAS how M75 focuser handles the objective weight stress during focusing because of heavier than 90FL and 100mm further from the focuser. I know the helical focuser has no shift and no flexture. So it’s very reliable during imaging. But I was wondering how I can control critical focusing without my stress. As test result, It’s smooth enough in my opinion. This has encouraged me to go ahead this package.

This will be available from next month as Hutech special package.

If someone prefer to FTF focuser, please contact me for system configuration. At least you need to purchase component by component, including the objective lens (# 2107)



~ by tedishikawa on December 23, 2016.

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