Although 107FL has not been shipped yet, all units in January production have been sold out too. Thank you so much for your serious attention. We are now pleased to take the order for February shipment. I’m expecting to receive some units end of this week or early next week. I will describe more details here.


107FL has 1.4x more light gathering power than 90FL. But it doesn’t look like so much mechanically. Still very compact.

I plan to prepare following two Hutech special sets, which will be only available in Hutech markets except Japan.

— 1) Basic OTA set with 150mm metal tube

This should be something like


Classic style. This looks more suitable for an experienced visual observer than Japanese packages. Also the focuser has M57 thread which allows for rigid setup for imaging too. BORG rack & pinion focuser has 65mm focus travel. 2mm stroke a rotation of 30mm diameter fine focuisng knob.

— 2) Astrograph set with 7108.  It will look like (including camera rotator)


This turns out F6.0/650mm imaging scope for full frame sensor. When the dedicated reducer will be coming up, you can re-configure for faster speed and wider field of view. So you can enjoy two different tastes.

BTW, this camera weighs 1.5kg and 230mm distance from end of the focuser to rear of camera body. So the focuser must have huge stress. But still allows for really smooth focusing. I can highly recommend this focuser for imaging purpose too.

To customers who already placed the order, I will contact all of you, so that you can change the order if you wish. At least I reserved the objective lens for you. So it doesn’t go big delay.







~ by tedishikawa on December 19, 2016.

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