BORG 107FL Officially Ready

BORG 107FL has been added in BORG lineup as below and we are now ready to happily accept the order. Looks like it took almost 2 years since 1st prototype showed up at 2015 CP+. I’d like to applaud great efforts by all of BORG staff. Congratulations!!

Personally I’m eager to use 107FL with 1.08x field flattener for galaxies.


This is item # 6207. Nice looking carbon fiber tube. Surprisingly 107FL is a backpackable 4″-plus scope.


You can see how 107FL is short. Lower is 89ED. It’s same focal length.

# 2107 – objective lens assembly : $2,195.00

A 82mm metal cap. This part allows to set a solar filter.

The objective lens section is firmly locked in after extended. So no collimation concern. I would like to show you how we can handle the objective assembly once 1st unit comes to myself.


# 6207 : $2,550.00 (OTA only is about 2.8kg)


#6208 : $2,950.00


#6209 : $2,450.00


#6210 : $2,550.00 (OTA only is about 2.8kg)

Instantly you figure out how good package deal is. 6207 includes a carbon fiber tube, rack & pinion focuser and rings, two plates, so and so. Actually all included. The focuser itself is more than $400 value. The focuser has a plenty of focus travel – 65mm.

6207 and 6210 are both almost same OTA weight – 2.8kg. So extra weight from 90FL OTA set looks around 0.8kg or so. Not too bad at all. Still very lightweight as 107mm aperture scope.


~ by tedishikawa on December 16, 2016.

4 Responses to “BORG 107FL Officially Ready”

  1. this is very great! i’ve the 90FL f4 is very very nice and very much transportable.

  2. Ted, Looks very nice. What would be the photo setup with reducer? Fred

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Fred,

      The dedicated reducer will be coming up sometime next year.
      Please wait for that. But now the galaxy season until the spring.
      I hope the field flattener looks good match with 107FL for a while.


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