BORG 107FL & IDAS Large LPS-D1

The shipment has been officially set to begin on Dec/23.


And about pricing and technical details, we plan to release by a next newsletter this Saturday. We are excited to offer various packages at very attractive prices. You can get 4-inch plus fluorite at a quite reasonable price.  Keep your eyes open on 107FL.

2107 : 107FL Objective assembly


Following packages will be also available.


6207 : Carbon tube + Rack & Pinion Focuser set


6208 : Complete set (6207 + fork mount & tripod set)


6209 : BU-1 Set


6210 : Carbon drawtube + M75 Helical focuser set

About the availability of IDAS filters, unfortunately LPS-D1-77 has been sold out. Next lot is expected to come up February or March. Also 82mm should run out soon either. It will be also produced along with 77mm. So same schedule. Some local dealer might still have a few 82mm in stock.The alternative solution during 77/82mm blackout period, is to set a filter into a body if it is possible.




~ by tedishikawa on December 14, 2016.

2 Responses to “BORG 107FL & IDAS Large LPS-D1”

  1. Hi Ted

    Can you reserve one for me

    Thanks Sam Berrada

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