Astro Photo

I have some astro photo taken with BORG.

img_5643BORG 71FL F4 + QHY10 by Jimmy Nguyen

1209aBORG 107FL(prototype) + 3rd party 0.8x reducer + ST-8300M + Ha filter by Naoki Nakanishi

1209bBORG 77EDII + 7872(0.72x reducer) + Nikon 810A by Hajime Marukawa

One note is this was taken with 77EDII and “7872”. 7872 was originally designed for 90FL and 71FL. But this image looks it works with 77EDII for full frame sensor as well. If some of 77EDII users are looking for high quality reducer, this is a good option. 7704 – 0.65x ED reducer and 7870 – triplet reducer were optimized for 77EDII. But these are discontinued. So this is a last option. It turns F4.7.

All are very nice and beautiful!!


~ by tedishikawa on December 9, 2016.

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