Completed New BORG Binoscopes and Meade Mount System

Finally AOK Swiss-made new platform for BORG and Meade have been commercially available now. See following wonderful whole setup.


This looks really nice! I love that. As mentioned earlier, I set the introductory special prices for BORG binoscope optical systems. Check back following my previous blog.


Don’t miss this great chance. You will enjoy higher power (300x or more) planetary binoviewing with sturdy tracking mount. I don’t hesitate to describe this is the true ultimate visual observing system. Unfortunately not good season for planets these days though.


In US, Hutech can provide LX-90 mount only (without OTA). Technically we can ship overseas. But because of very bulky and heavy items, I think it is more economical to get regular LX-90 locally and build up as bino mount. Hutech plans to prepare for the instructions. It’s quite straight forward. But keep in mind, you will lose the manufacturer warranty. Hutech plans the Hutech warranty covering only in US.


~ by tedishikawa on December 8, 2016.

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