BORG Guidescope Sets

After discussion with BORG Japan, we have found out the effective way to set very attractive prices for BORG guide scopes. These are new prices. As you can see, dramatically dropped.

ag50t AG50T : $259.00 (was $339.00)

ag50cAG50C : $289.00 (was $369.00)

ag50t2AG50T2 : $289.00 (was $375.00)

ag50c2AG50C2 : $319.00 (was $399.00)

The price of Mounting ring (#7065) is $50.00 each when purchased along with either of above package.

AG50C and AG50C2 are basically intended to be used with c-mount camera. But it optically works with t-mount camera as well if T/C adapter is removed. So if you have both T and C mount cameras, or if you are not sure which camera you will use, this should be good option.

Enjoy flexure-free reliable autoguider setup.

Your local BORG dealers should offer by similar way. Please contact them for further details.


~ by tedishikawa on December 7, 2016.

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