SS-One KODO Image Capture for ZWO

This is the sneak preview for a beta test unit of ZWO image capture, which is expected to come up soon.


If the cooling function is off or it is a non-cooled camera, all can be handled with 5V output small battery pack. So this should be a game-changer for mobile users.


Followings are some key screenshots from Japanese video tutorial.

zwo1When CFW is in use, the filter bar automatically pops up and indicates which filter is currently in the optical train by red color.

The basic concept for this controller is PC-less and DSLR-like operation. So each menu must be familiar to ex-DSLR users. And with finger touch operation, no mouse and keyboard are needed. That’s very convenient at the field nighttime.

zwo2Set for cooling.

zwo3Parameter setting. There are two separate gain controls independently. The above is for actual imaging. Another one is for Liveview as described below.


zwo4Press “Focus” in Liveview mode. It allows to zoom up or down, and select a center or 5 areas. Above shows one center and 4 corners. This allows to see focusing of each corner at same time. Probably it should be useful for checking of optical distortion or mechanical factor for an imaging sensor etc. too.


zwo5This is Play mode. Press “info” to see the histogram like DSLRs. Always a cropped center image shows at lower left. This Play mode allows to use while shooting simultaneously . So that should be useful for checking focusing or tracking result of previous frames while continuing to shoot. Upper shows each file number. “_1” describes the filter #1 if CFW is used. Image data is saved at TIF format into an external USB stick.



This is gain and shutter speed parameter in “LiveView” mode. If the target is too dark to see for composing or focusing, you can increase the gain or change shutter speed. This also allows to set the shutter speed up to 1/1000″. So generally useful for taking flat frames too.


Once I will get 1st unit, I will write up more details.




~ by tedishikawa on December 2, 2016.

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