BORG Single Fork Mount and Erecting-image Finder Scope

Here is a modified fork mount. The new concept is the ultimate open-interface. Now BORG fork mount allows to use the worldwide standard Arca Swiss dovetail plates. So users have a wide variety of mounting options.

I tested with 90FL and Arca Swiss bracket (#8992)8992 creates good clearance space and allows to point to the zenith. Even with a regular Arca Swiss plate, probably we can enjoy most of the sky.

Personally I changed my all EQ mount saddle to Arca Swiss clamps. So it’s quite easy to switch between EQ and fork mount without changing anything.

Above OTA weights just 3kg including a diagonal and 2″ eyepiece. It’s nice grab-n-go visual setup. Easy to carry all together with a tripod. This more encourages me to take a set outside and quickly start observing.

BTW, I was curious how I could set BORG 50 as finder scope. So I tried to figure out best possible configuration. Here is my answer. This looks very classic astronomy setup.


I can say it is 10 x 50 high quality erecting finder scope. I used BORG erecting prism and 25mm Orthoscopic. Series 80 mounting ring (#7085) allows to set a saddle, and Hinode solar guider’s universal mounting block is compatible with that. So a finder is quick release setup.  If someone are looking for high quality erecting finder scope, this is one of best options.

Here is a latest image taken by David Losano. Transparent high contrast finish, nice!

ngc7000-27x4minf2-procesando-ps-11-25-2016BORG 55FL F3.6 + Canon 6DH


~ by tedishikawa on November 29, 2016.

2 Responses to “BORG Single Fork Mount and Erecting-image Finder Scope”

  1. Hi Ted,

    That looks like a nifty mount for the 90mm. Can the mounting clamp be changed for a Vixen stule clamp?

    Also, can you comment on how stable it is at high magnifications of say 150x?

    • Hi Nick

      I think technically possible. But a plate and clamp are heavier. So it is going toward the opposite side
      to basic concept.

      The mount itself is so solid. Generally vibration comes from connecting section between the mount and tripod head.
      If the tripod has no center pole, then it should be more steady. In my opinion, a center pole is weakest point.
      Also this mount’s concept is to quickly take it out
      and bring it back in. When I want to seriously observe, I will use the more serious mount. So the mount choice is
      depending on its day’s feeling and goal we expect. This is why our hobby is the fun.


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