BORG Rack & Pinion Focuser

I start testing around a new BORG rack & pinion focuser. It is so solid and has the mighty lifting power.

1124aA fine focusing knob is very smooth. It’s not as light touch as FTF’s. But it’s still light-feeling and smooth enough for controlling of critical focusing. I feel very good.

Following video shows how smooth it is with almost total 2kg including 1.5kg camera. Keep in mind M57 threaded interface makes the rigid connection with a camera and its accessories. No worry about slippage concern.

Also another good feature is fully paid attention to minimize the internal reflections. See following comparison. Left is FTF and BORG is right. You can see the obvious difference in-between. BORG focuser is really well done.

And finally followings are each system package including R & P focuser.

667290FL R & P set (# 6672) : $1,850.00 – 405mm / 2.0kg

667371FL R & P Set (#6673) : $1,150.00 (330mm / 1.3kg)

667489ED R & P Set (#6674) : $1,465.00 (510mm / 2.0kg)


77EDII R P Set (#6675) : $1,050.00 (420mm / 1.6kg)


~ by tedishikawa on November 25, 2016.

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