BORG Rack & Pinion Focuser Sets

BORG rack & pinion focuser sets are now available. These should be good news especially for the visual observer. Each system price is set more economically than FTF package while retaining similar focusing performance.

borgrp90FL R & P set : $1,850.00

71FL R & P set : $1,150.00

89ED R & P set : 1,465.00

77EDII R & P set : $1,050.00

Features ;

  • 65mm focus travel
  • 51mm drawtube ID
  • 1:10 fine focusing knob
  • M57 thread interface & standard 2″ opening with 7504 included in a set

Each OTA picture will be up here within a couple of days.

One of a recent customers – John Corban, who purchased Canon 700DTH and LPS-D1-EOS set, sent us very clean and beautiful color picture.

image1Very nice!

And followings are the ones taken by a professional wide animal photographer – Rei Ohara.

BORG 89ED + 2 stacked 1.4x telesconverter + Fuji X2


~ by tedishikawa on November 21, 2016.

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