New BORG Binoscope Sets & Super Super-Moon

A new binoscope platform for Meade LX-90 mount is getting ready soon. I hope I can show the final setup here within a couple of weeks. Unlike single fork mount, this should achieve the very steady binoscope viewing at high power while tracking, and GOTO pointing additionally.

At same time, we have carefully reviewed all of BORG costs. As result of discussing with BORG Japan, we are pleased to announce you more aggressive prices. They should be much more attractive and realistic now.


New regular prices are

90 FL Bino : $4,595.00 (was $5,095.00)

71FL Bino : $$3,195.00 (was $3,895.00)

89ED Bino : $3,895.00 (was $4,395.00)

77EDII Bino : $2,995.00 (was $3,350.00)

Notes :

1- Each set price includes mounting rings, 1.25″ helical focuser and a pair of EMS. So it’s a complete set as binoscope OTAs. But it doesn’t include the collimatable platform. You pick the one for Meade LX-90 or single fork mount.

2- Above 4 systems allow to set onto LX-90/8″ mount and to point OTA straight up to the zenith in alt-az mode.

3- All of OTA parts are black color except EMS bodies as shown above.


90FL Bino with Meade LX-90

And we have more surprise news to all of binoscope enthusiast. As re-introductory opportunity, we make the limited-time special price offer.

90FL Bino : $4,150.00

71FL Bino : $2,995.00

89ED Bino : $3,495.00

77EDII Bino : $2,795.00

These re-introductory prices will be effective after Thanksgiving to Dec/23/2016. Don’t miss this great chance. All of prices for AOK-Swiss made platforms remain unchanged.

As mentioned here several times, binoscope viewing (not single scope with a binoviewer) for planets at high power magnification is awesome. I’m not basically a visual observer. But binoscope viewing is different. I can’t go back to a single scope viewing.

Also keep in mind, EMS shows us the completely correct image with mirrors. This is why I don’t hesitate to describe these are the ultimate visual observing gear. As I plan, don’t you try binoscope solar viewing during totality next year? It should be wonderful.

And last night’s super super-moon. Yes, it was obviously larger than usual. This was a shot from my town’s lake I’m usually sailing at. Unsaturated moon shot was too dark to pull up the brightness of the terrestrial area with Photoshop. So I gave up that way. This is a kind of what actually I saw. Every December, we have the Christmas decorated boat parade night time here.



~ by tedishikawa on November 15, 2016.

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